The Advantages of Playing Chess

Chess is one of the most popular games in the world where the competitors square it on the board. Chess is usually referred to as the game of the kings whereby two different kingdoms battle head to head to control various resources.

People who play chess are typically excellent in predicting future outcomes and in developing strategy. If you are looking for a perfect game that will sharpen your brain, then the game is chess. This read looks at some of the benefits of playing chess.

Raises your IQ

chess game on One of the advantages of playing chess is that it increases your intelligent quotient. Chess is viewed as a game of intellectuals because it requires thinker to think about three or four steps ahead. This explains why many smart people usually gravitate towards playing this game.

Studies have shown that moving various pieces on the chess board helps in improving the intelligent quotient of a person. If you want your child to do well in school, then it is a high time that you introduce her to the game of kings.

Prevents Alzheimer’s

The brain, just like the other muscles in our body requires exercises to be free from injury and to be healthy.  Recent research on the same revealed that people who get involved in chess and other games that need them to think are less likely to suffer from the conditions like dementia. People who play chess are less likely to suffer from the Alzheimer’s disease as compared to those who do not.

Exercises Both Sides of the Brain

It has been established that human beings only use one side of the brain. However, people who are referred to as geniuses make use of both sides of their minds. If you want to exercise both sides of your brain, then it is a high time that you started playing chess. The manner in which the people who are used to chess react to geometric shapes is entirely different from those who do not play chess. They tend to digest information faster than those who do not.

Improves Problem Solving Skills

king piece on a chess board Playing chess helps individuals to enhance their problem-solving skills. When you play chess, you will realize that it is a complex problem that needs a solution.

As a player, you have to develop strategies on how you will protect your kingdom even as you conquer the other territory. It gives you an opportunity to develop an attack and defensive mechanism which is critical when it comes to the solving of various issues.




Benefits of Dance Explained

Human beings are known to listen to different types of music. Different types of music require different dancing styles. A good dancer is one that dances according to the rhythm of the song.

However, since dancing is a physical activity, it needs practice. If you have never danced before and you try dancing you might experience pain in some of the joints. We shall try and explore some of the benefits of dancing.

Builds Strength

illustration of a lady dancing One of the benefits of dancing is that it helps in building strength. Dancing involves many moves which will lead to the movement of various muscles.

When you put the different muscles into exercise, they will adapt to the movements, and you will become stronger. This explains why many dancers usually have a great physique yet very few of them usually hit the gym.

Improves Balance

When dancing, you will have to move the different parts of your body. When you move the different parts of your body, your brain will also adapt to the various movements that you are making when dancing.

If you want to improve balance in your body, then it is a high time that you began dancing. Medical doctors recommend dancing as a solution for some individuals who need different therapeutic exercises.

Build Endurance

Dancing will also help your body to build endurance or stamina. Since dancing is a physical activity, by regularly taking part in it, your body will become accustomed to the various rigorous movements.

For example, if you dance for two hours non-stop it equivalent to running for almost 20 miles. If you want to build your stamina, then enroll in the dancing classes.

Great for Expectant Mothers

Dancing can help the expectant mother have a natural delivery. We have dances that are meant for women who are expectant. These dances help such women to exercise which is ideal for all the pregnant women. Women who extend their expected delivery dates are usually required to take part in various dances.

Source of Entertainment

dancer on the floor dancing Dancing is also an excellent source of entertainment. People love watching skillful dancers displaying different moves. The ballet dance, for example, is famous and has seen many dancers transverse the whole universe.

Dancing can also help in building friendships and in the passing of time. Trying different dance moves bring people together and assist in the building lasting relationships.